IB Chemistry Topic B- Medicine and Drugs

Your assignment:

Create a page for your assigned medicine/drug type.
  • Include all important information on the topic. Come up with an interesting way to present the material. You MAY NOT copy the information from the textbook. That is not going to help you know the material.

Problem with ALL of your Pages!

  • Add links to all information from outside sources

  • Cite all outside sources

  • Include pictures to make it more interesting

  • If you have the review topic you need at lease 3 review questions that your fellow students can answer. NO MULTIPLE CHOICE! Topics are ALL short answer/essay questions on the IB test. You can also make a powerpoint game or other type of review game. The review is completely open to whatever you would like to do.

  • The review questions may not come from the textbook.

  • If you have a question about another students topic ask them about it! You can start a discussion or write directly on the wiki page.